Waterproof Lashes
STAYS on for 10+ Days

Waterproof Lashes
STAYS on for 10+ Days

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Say GOODBYE to DAILY falsies! 👋

We just made lashes even better! Introducing lashes that can stay on for 10+days in every single application. Thats not all! They can be removed any time with a special removal gel without any damage, are 100% waterproof & lifeproof, and you can apply them within 5-minutes at home.

Is it easy to apply? Yep, it is. Even first time customers swears by it, because they say its even EASIER than mascara. Try them with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

First time with Falsies?

No sweat! You’ll be a pro in minutes!

How to Remove (Tutorial)

First time with Falsies?

No sweat! You’ll be a pro in minutes!

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Why 10-Day Lashes?


Our ingredients are high-performance and even higher quality. They’re always formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates and fragrance.

We Are the #1 Rated Lash Brand on Trustpilot

Results that you can trust

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It's a customer favorite on Trustpilot, with over 3000+ positive verified 5-STAR reviews.

Ashleigh A. reviewed 10 Day Lashes

“I am obsessed with these lashes!!! Being a mom of 2, I don’t have much time to get ready.. These lashes make it so easy! It feels great to have confidence when I don’t feel like doing my hair or putting a full face of makeup on. These lashes COMPLETE my makeup look every time, and adds such a dramatic effect. I also love that I look put together even without makeup on. These are the best lashes to buy, and I have tried many! Will forever swear by these lashes and recommend them!! ”

Amanda Alcorn
Sammy Chu
Jennifer Kelly

Jackie R. reviewed 10 Day Lashes

“Love these lashes! They are almost 2 weeks old here but still look pretty good! Love wearing these lashes so I can look put together for my activities on vacation and put in zero effect!”

Bella P. reviewed 10 Day Lashes

“I gave birth wearing these lashes!! So basically I have worn them while throwing up, showering, washing with soap, crying, and giving birth. (All pregnancy related things I swear haha) Had these on for 16 days!”

Abby Michael

Chelsea L. reviewed 10 Day Lashes

“These lashes are AMAZING. Just under a week here! I love that they are water proof. I can’t do extensions. Most of the glue I’ve tried irritated my eyes or just never adheared to my lashes i guess! I ordered the sensitive formula and had a few hiccups in the beginning. Customer service is hands down the best I’ve ever dealt with! So helpful and patient! These are light glam 🥰”

Leah T. reviewed 10 Day Lashes

“So, my husband (who hates false lashes passionately) is a big fan of my new look! He keeps saying how beautiful I look and asking it’s the kids bedtime yet When the man you’ve been with for 10 years is looking at you like he did when you first started dating- now THATS A GOOD LASH DAY!”

Lily R.
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Meet the Woman Who Started It All

Founder Image

Meet Our Founder

Moitié Cosmetics isn’t run by some mysterious corporate man. We were founded by Sima Mosbacher: an ambitious woman who--just like you--wanted to maintain a look that gave her confidence, while balancing a boss babe lifestyle!

Before starting Moitié Cosmetics, Sima was a computer engineer who went on to become the World’s Youngest Female Commercial Pilot at just 20 years old. How badass is that!?

During her time in the airline pilot training program, Sima relied on salons for semi-permanent makeup techniques to shortcut her busy routine. (Something so many of us are familiar with!)

After continual use, she started to experience enormous natural lash and brow fallout. (Sadly, we know so many of you are also familiar with this and it SUCKS!)

“I was facing an extreme lack of confidence. I couldn’t leave the house without drawing on my brows, and I was dependent on salon lash extensions as I had few lashes left from the damage. I realized there are a lot of women experiencing the same problem as me. That’s when I started to develop alternative makeup solutions which are time-saving and semi-permanent, plus safe for long-term use.

I created my lashes to give women a real solution that they could apply at home, to feel instantly glamorous, without spending hours at the salon, and wear confidently for 10+ days - without worrying about mascara running, or the hassle of re-applying false lashes daily. These lashes have changed my life. I hope they’ll change yours too!”

Sima Mosbacher Founder of Moitié Cosmetics
Founder Image

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