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Have you ever wished to wakeup with MAKEUP?

10-day lashes are patent-pending invention of Moitié Cosmetics, that last straight up to 10+ days in a single 5-10 minutes AT-HOME application!

Pop the champagne 🥂, you just made your lashes do the happy dance! 💃

Yay for stress-free mornings, beauty routines cut in half, and 10 days of pure bliss.

Real Women, Real Results

4.9 star average rating

Over 340+ five star reviews

94% of 250 women surveyed indicated that Moitié Lash Extensions lasted at least 10 days without any lash loss. That compares very favorably with expensive Salon Lash Applications, where lash fall begins within 1-2 days of application, requiring frequent refills to maintain a full look.


These lashes are THE most comfortable lashes that I've ever worn. They are light, flirty and very easy to apply because the band is so flexible. Everything about them screams quality. Good Job Moitie Cosmetics! Everyone needs to get Moitie lashes. Amour are beyond beautiful!!! I can’t live without them.

Desi G.

I’ve always been interested in this brand and have to say I’m not disappointed. Moitie Cosmetics lashes were easy to apply and gave a wispy look. La Belle lashes were soft and didn’t weigh down my lids like some other cheaper lashes would do. For my first pair of silk lashes, I think it is definitely worth the investment especially since they can be worn up to 10 day straight!! Yahooooo!!!

Denise O.

Being a mom of 2 is a lot of work. I stopped doing full glam ages ago. When I saw Moitié at the Grove, I was really impressed by the lash styles, and then I was told these are 10-day lashes that take 5 minutes to apply - I had to get in on the secret. The application was so easy for the lash artist and they were so helpful and informative that I left feeling confident in doing the steps by myself at home. I feel so glamorous already all thanks to my new lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Moitié self-applied eyelash extensions?

Self-applied eyelash extensions is an exclusive design only available from Moitié Cosmetics. This patent-pending invention consists of a set of 5-fan segments that are easily applied to the actual lashes the same way professional lash artists in salons apply individual lashes to their clientele, without spending hours of time and large sums of money. Never before has a DIY system at home offered anything beyond the typical lash strips that must be removed daily. With Moitié lash extensions, you can apply your look in just 5 minutes and wear your lashes for 10+ days.

Will these lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No. Moitié eyelash extensions are specifically designed to ensure lashes are not damaged during application or removal. Our unique 5-fan segments are adhered to multiple natural lashes with a gentle adhesive and will remain intact for 10+ days. If you’ve ever tried professional lash extensions applied in the salon, you’ll know that dry, split or broken lashes are an all too common side effect for temporary beauty. In the salon model, several lashes are applied to one individual natural lash, resulting in a heavier load that ultimately breaks natural lashes. Moitié’s 5-fan segments distribute weight more evenly by adhering to several natural lashes, reducing the risk of damage.

Is the eyelash glue safe for my sensitive eyes?

Moitié Lash Extensions Glue is sensitive, and was formulated for individuals with sensitive eyes. It is safe even for those that wear contact lenses. Unlike other brands that sell strip lashes that can be applied at home, our lash glue will not come in contact with your eyes or your delicate eyelid skin. Moitié lash extension glue is applied to the band of the lashes, then applied to your natural lashes. Studies show Moitié Lash Extension Glue is up to 10x more gentle than salon formulas.

Do self-applied eyelash extensions look real?

Do they ever! That’s why Moitié holds the patent on DIY lash extensions. Our silk designs are soft, fluttery, and will fan-out fully for the most natural lash look available. Plus, as Moitié lash clusters are secured to clear silicone soft bands then applied to natural lashes, they are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Moitié has several lash extension options, how do I know what look is best for me?

Take our style quiz to determine your ideal look. Our silk lashes come in three styles: Natural, Light Glam, and Full Glam.