At-Home Lash Extension Kit ( 3 Months Pre-paid )

(30-45 Days Supply)

$200 $99
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Moitié Cosmetics’s 10-Day Lash Kits are a great alternative to lash extensions, and can be applied easily at home. Everything needed for gorgeous, lush, long-lasting lashes are included in our kit. Your lashes will be able to outlast daily activities, will allow you to sleep in comfort, shower and swim with ease, and any other adventure you may embark on.

Our kit comes with 3 pairs of lash segments (5-part clusters) so you can create your own custom look, foaming lash wash, our priming glue, removal gel, precision tip tweezers, hydrating under eye pads, and more! There’s everything you need to have full, fluffy lashes that last at least for 10 days when applied correctly (3 pairs of lashes - a 30-45 day supply).

We donate 1% of proceeds from every product you purchase to help win rights for millions of women and girls through Global Fund for Women.

How our lashes work

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Every patent-pending Moitié 5-part lash segment is secured to a thin cotton band for a truly seamless application. Your new lash extensions will blend perfectly with your own eyelashes for stunning style lasting 10+ days. Just 5 minutes to apply, and effortless to remove. Experience the look and quality of high-end salon lash extensions without excessive cost or time commitment.

Our waterproof Natural Eyelash Extensions look just like your own natural lashes, or try our light or full glam lashes to command an audience. Beautiful rich black in color, these feather-light lashes offer subtle yet strong curl with moderate fullness. Wispy and fluffy with realistic volume.

  • Fully waterproof - shower safe
  • Long-lasting - continuous wear for 10+ days
  • Quick application - apply at home in just 5 minutes
  • Effortless removal - remove any time in 2 minutes
  • Salon quality - best available without the salon time or price

For best results, it is recommended you change to fresh lashes every 10 days.

Step 1: Lightly dip the band into the glue on the tray. Swipe along the tray to wipe off any excess.

Step 2: Line up the lash segment to the external corner of your eye and gently place it on top of your natural lashes, just below the lash line.

Step 3: Wait 5 seconds, then gently squeeze your natural lashes and the extensions together with the tweezers.

Step 4: Relax and enjoy your new lashes.

Real Women, Real Results

4.9 star average rating

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94% of 250 women surveyed indicated that Moitié Lash Extensions lasted at least 10 days without any lash loss. That compares very favorably with expensive Salon Lash Applications, where lash fall begins within 1-2 days of application, requiring frequent refills to maintain a full look.