Welcome to Moitié Pro.

We are changing the way people apply and wear lash extensions - our lashes are easy to apply and with no damage to your clients natural lashes. The Moitié Magic is in the patent-pending 5 segment design that is supported at the lash line rather than an individual lash. Our professional grade lash glue creates a seamless look and gentle remover releases the hold allowing the segments to be removed without pulling on the natural lashes.

We look forward to growing our Moitié Family of Salons and Artists with you.

Lash Health

It is known that traditional lash extensions stress individual follicles that can cause accelerated lash fallout and irritation. Additionally, over time some experience slower lash growth where the hairs are damaged. Moitié Lashes utilize a three dimensional design to create a voluminous look using less hairs, less applications and less weight. By spreading the already-reduced weight across multiple hairs, each follicle has less weight to carry. Thanks to our bridge design, lashes are also less prone to twist and be damaged.

Using both our Professional Lash Glue and Remover will ensure that your clients lashes are applied and removes safely.

Faster Application & Learning Curve

Our patent-pending 5 segment design gives your clients an option to schedule or drop in for a lash extension application in 15 minutes or less. Using Moitié Lashes means that you can have many more customers, and they’ll be happier because of the time you have saved them.

Moitié Cosmetics’ easy to follow instructions and pro-educational tutorials will have you and your team ready for business in just a few hours.

Superior Appearance & Ingredient Quality

Moitié Lashes are available in several silk styles from Natural to Full Glam. The 5 segment design allows for customization.

Our professional grade lash glue bonds with your clients natural lashes. It has a low viscosity that only requires 1-2 drops of glue to apply the entire set of lash extensions. Once set the bond is secure for 10 days.

Moitié Pro Application