Moitié vs Salon Lash Extensions

Moitié Lashes were created to be a safer alternative for those who have used strip lashes, individual lash extensions, lash serums, and mascara.Our 5-segment lash design complimented by our patent-pending glue adheres to the root of your natural lashes with comfort, durability, and long-lasting wear.

Day 0: Keep your natural lashes happy!

Your natural lashes love freedom, but we all like a little glamour in our lives!


Day 1: Lash Application Day!

Moitié lashes have a patent-pending underband technology to evenly distribute the weight of the segment on your natural lashes.


Traditional lash extensions call for 4-5 lash extensions applied to each natural lash. This is what causes breakage between natural lashes at the root due to uneven weight distribution and can ultimately leave lasting damage.

Day 5: Things are starting to get real!

At the 5 day mark, our lashes are keeping your natural lashes happy. They’re growing with your lashes.


Salon lash extensions have either fallen out or have shown more tension at the root.

Day 10: Moitié Lashes save the day!

At day 10, our lashes have survived all trials and have kept your natural lashes happy.


Salon lash extensions have strained your lashes and you’re ready to rip them off!


With Moitié lashes, you keep your natural lashes and they’re ready for round 2!


With salon extensions, your poor lashes have held on for as long as they can but they’re ready to breakfree.. Eek!