Moitié Lash Extension Application Steps

Moitié Lashes were created to be a safer alternative for those who have used strip lashes, individual lash extensions, lash serums, and mascara.Our 5-segment lash design complimented by our patent-pending glue adheres to the root of your natural lashes with comfort, durability, and long-lasting wear.

Step 1: Wash eyelids and lashes with our Foaming Lash Wash. Pat Dry.

Step 2: Curl your natural lashes with our eyelash curler.

Step 3: There is a left eye and right eye lash assembly. Turn your box to face outward to ensure you are applying your lashes to the correct eye.

Step 4: Apply an eye patch covering your lower lashes. The smaller rounded end adheres to the under eye area nearest your nose. Dispense one drop of Lash Glue onto the clear plastic tray. Refasten glue cap tightly. Glue is black initially and dries clear.

Step 5: Use tweezers to remove the outside end of the lash segments from the box, grasping it by the band.

Step 6: Rotate the lashes to grip the segment by the lash hair, exposing the band.

Step 7: Lightly dip the band into the glue on the tray. Swipe along the tray to wipe off any excess.

Step 8: Line up the lash segment to the external corner of your eye and gently place the lashes on top of your own natural lashes, just below the lash line, and slide them back towards your eyelid for a more snug fit. IMPORTANT: Do not apply the lashes to your eyelids.

Step 9: Wait 5 seconds after applying then gently squeeze your natural lashes and the extensions together with the tweezers. This ensures a secure bind. Lash glue will stay tacky-wet for 2-3 minutes allowing for adjustments to be made.

Step 10: Repeat the steps above working towards the inside corner of your eye. If necessary, deposit an additional drop of Lash Glue onto the application tray. Note: If the last lash segment does not fit, it can be eliminated completely or trimmed with cuticle scissors.