About Founder

Moitié Cosmetics was founded by Sima Mosbacher, a computer engineer who went on to become the World’s Youngest Female Commercial Pilot at just 20 years old.

While Sima was enrolled in the airline pilot training program she relied on salons for semi-permanent makeup techniques to shortcut her busy routine. After continual use, she started to experience enormous natural lash and brow fallout.

I was facing an extreme lack of confidence. I couldn’t leave the house without drawing on my brows, and I was dependent on salon lash extensions as I had few lashes left from the damage. I realized there are a lot of women experiencing the same problem as me. That’s when I started to develop alternative makeup solutions which are time-saving and semi-permanent, plus safe for long-term use.

I created my lashes to give women a real solution that they could apply at home, to feel instantly glamorous, without spending hours at the salon, and wear confidently for 10+ days - without worrying about mascara running, or the hassle of re-applying false lashes daily. These lashes have changed my life. I hope they’ll change yours too!”


Sima Mosbacher

Founder of Moitié Cosmetics